Mama & Son – Clean House has now passed certifaction with flying colors and is on it’s way to Xbox Live Marketplace!

The page will be up within a couple of hours and can be found here: Check back soon! Of course, you can also get it from the XBLIG channel on the console.

The game is only 80MSP (1 USD), and kicks ass.

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7 thoughts on "Mama & Son has passed certification!"

  1. Peter says:

    Please! I want it to have it on PC! Please. It could awesome 😀

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  3. Loraboy says:

    Hi m8!

    Really Awesom’ Game!

    You Should really make to a PC Version!!!

    – you’re the BEST , btw.


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  5. Sonnerdk says:

    I´t would just be so awsome if it came to pc!

  6. reallyjoel says:

    You never know! We are concidering it.

  7. Moraboy says:

    Gratz! WIll this game come to pc also? Because that would be awesome

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