Mama & Son: Clean House

Enjoy our new teaser trailer for our upcoming game Mama & Son: Clean House, soon to be released on Xbox Live Indie Games!

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This is shaping up to be a really fun page for spambots (I can only assume that’s what the FF baby shower comment is??) Just deleted like 20 other comments. Half of them saying that we have a lot of spam on our page! ^^


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy es un juego muy divertido para organizar un Baby Shower?

@reallyjoel Älskar spamboten som fått psykbryt i kommentarerna här. Så mycket kärlek syns sällan på internet!


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[…] time we went public with our new title Alien Chaos. That’s the title for the follow-up to Mama & Son: Clean House that we released for XBLIG a while back. We have revisited that universe once again (third time […]

[…] you know if you have some cool heavy metal-kind-of-music that you think would fit our upcoming game Mama & Son: Clean House please let us know! We are looking for musicians that can contribute to the game project. This is […]



AWESOME! GIEF RELEASE DATE! I’m considering getting an Xbox now that a game worth playing is on the horizon!
Hilarious, I’m still having a hard time not laughing XD


This looks hilarious!




Aww what an action! We aren’t going to get it on a PC though, right?


RT @Ludosity: Mama & Son: Clean House

Metta Karlsson

Ha-HAAAA! A new nukem dude!


RT @Ludosity: Mama & Son: Clean House *awesome*


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