During the development of Bob Came in Pieces I made some small concepts on how we wanted the game to look like. The concepts are over one year old and the main idea was to have a stylish and cheap way of doing art, since I was the only artist at that time and I was also in charge of the biz-side of Ludosity. Also having a somewhat abstract theme would give us more freedom on how to place out different objects in the world without making it look all too crazy.

I was hugely inspired by my friend Emil Berner who at that time was working on Fret Nice. The images are also using our old and ugly logo.

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7 thoughts on "Early art from Bob"

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  4. Logan Spears says:

    Fantastic; Looks pretty good!

  5. Erik: Cute indeed. I like the skewed eyes 🙂

  6. Erik says:

    Wow, he’s so cuuuuute.

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