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Bob on Gamersgate Summer Sale

Right now you can get 60% off on Bob Came In Pieces over on Gamersgate! Hurry, the deal is almost over!

Bob Came In Pieces – Gamersgate

Early art from Bob

During the development of Bob Came in Pieces I made some small concepts on how we wanted the game to look like. The concepts are over one year old and the main idea was to have a stylish and cheap way of doing art, since I was the only artist at that time and I was also in charge of the biz-side of Ludosity. Also having a somewhat abstract theme would give us more freedom on how to place out different objects in the world without making it look all too crazy.

I was hugely inspired by my friend Emil Berner who at that time was working on Fret Nice. The images are also using our old and ugly logo.

Clean House – info, wallpapers

It’s about time we start talking about our next project, Mama & Son: Clean House!

Really Shooter and his mother Poor Mama are running a cleaning service business, with Really taking commando jobs on the side. One day, aliens invade (!) and Really doesn’t hesitate for one second, he heads over to their mother ship and begins to mow down the invading forces with his trusty machine-gun. And of course, as usual it is up to Mama to clean up the mess after him.

Clean House features dynamic two-player gameplay where Really takes care of business while protecting his mother, and Mama cleans up the mess and support her son with ammo. You can play with a friend or with AI, (or play both with one controller in hardcore mode). There’s Story Mode and Survival Mode with online highscore, all for less than a can of soda on Xbox Live Indie Games!

Me and Daniel started talking about this idea way back when we chose our bachelor’s project in uni, but we didn’t realize the idea until NoMoreSweden 2009, where it pretty much cleaned house (even though it was called poor cleaning lady then..) Since it turned out so fun and unique, we’ve now decided to bring it to Xbox in full HD!

It’s coming along really well – in fact it’s almost done! It’s currently in playtest phase and will go into certification early next week.

In the mean time, check out these wallpapers our lovely artist Stefan has put together!

Music for Mama & Son: Clean House

Hey Cyberspace!

Just wanted to let you know if you have some cool heavy metal-kind-of-music that you think would fit our upcoming game Mama & Son: Clean House please let us know! We are looking for musicians that can contribute to the game project. This is for you guys who already have songs finished so we can put them songs in as soon as possible. We are only looking for free tracks since the game itself had had very small budget. Off course you will be in the credits if we use your music!

The game is feature complete and Daniel Remar only needs to tighten up the graphics 🙂

Anyhow. Mail me! daniel.kaplan at

Mama & Son: Clean House

Enjoy our new teaser trailer for our upcoming game Mama & Son: Clean House, soon to be released on Xbox Live Indie Games!