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Bob Won IndieDB’s Unity Competition!

Wow!! Is this great news or what? We at Ludosity are very honored to be the winners of this great competition on the IndieDB homepage.

Click to read more:

Also just want to shout out to our friend Filip Coulianos who was participating in the Ayla team. Filip: Great job and you will do just great at Starbreeze! I know so! 🙂

Masters of the Universe

Evil guy

No More Sweden is No More!

Is has been a great weekend with a lot of friends an a lot of jamming! I would like to say a big thanks to all the participants and I hope I’ll see all of them again next year! I saw some pretty neat stuff such as Oxeye’s Project B which is a really cool metroidvania kind of game that I hope I will see on my Xbox or Playstation really soon!

And a big congratulations to Daniel Remar (yes, my cool co-worker) for winning the category Best Game with the game “Be a man!” of the No More Sweden contest!

The game looks so much more better when you see it live!


Fast forward to 2:27:00 to see some Project B footage!

Ludosity at No More Sweden

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that Ludosity Interactive will attend No More Sweden. No More Sweden is a game jam where you create games instead of just playing games like you do on a regular LAN. The No More Sweden-jam started in Skövde two years ago, so this is the third and second time it is in Skövde.

Head over to to read more. And if you are in Skövde, don’t forget to drop by 🙂