Today we recieved a strange notice that we had a package to collect. We were a bit puzzled but had a feeling what it might be.. Daniel rushed out to get it and lo and behold, it’s a box full of Bobs!!

We’re very proud to announce that Ludosity Interactive has partnered with Phenomedia to release Bob Came In Pieces in retail stores across Germany and Austria!

We’re not exactly sure yet what we’re gonna do with all the games, but if you want one, motivate why you should have it in the comments and maybe you’ll get your very own retail copy of Bob Kam In Teilen!

This is a very happy moment at the Ludosity offices! =)

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5 thoughts on "Bob Kam In Teilen"

  1. Carsten says:

    Hello Sweden !
    I´d like to send my application for the german version of “Bob came in pieces” . My s7 year old daughter watched the five hours TV show about the marriage of Victoria and Daniel. She asked me “what else come from Sweden ?” I told her about elks, Vasa smörrebröd, ABBA and IKEA. She also loves computer games, so it would be a nice surprise for her, if she could get a copy of a swedish game 😉

    Thank you


  2. The BoB came in Pieces! Where does he comes from and why does he works in a call center? Maybe a autobiographical background? These are interesting questions!

    Now I found his Hyperdrive 2000 and all lost ship parts, so that BoB was still working on the same day! Sorry Bob, no free time!

    I’m a big fan of BoB! You and all involved people (family and so on …) a GREAT THANK for this nice game (plus DLC)! Keep up the good work!

    PS: Did I forget to say something? Oh, when you left a copy of the german retail version of BoB, than let me know! Maybe with a signature of your great team! In this sense have a good time!
    Master_Brain_07 is watching you! The WORLD is not enough!

    Yours sincerely The_Phantom_07 (Steam forum)!

  3. Mölle says:

    BOB KAN IN TEILEN SPEILEN!! *slår sönder tangenbort*

  4. Arcade says:

    Dear People at Ludosity,

    I’d very much like to have one and my brilliant argument is:
    I’ve already paid for it once on Steam, so it’d be nice to have a physical copy as well. And I like the chicken in the topleft corner.


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