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Steam Super Summer Sale!

Look at that! Blueberry Garden, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Saira, Bob Came in Pieces AND Plain Sight in the same super pack for only 18,99€! You should go and buy it now!

Bob Kam In Teilen

Today we recieved a strange notice that we had a package to collect. We were a bit puzzled but had a feeling what it might be.. Daniel rushed out to get it and lo and behold, it’s a box full of Bobs!!

We’re very proud to announce that Ludosity Interactive has partnered with Phenomedia to release Bob Came In Pieces in retail stores across Germany and Austria!

We’re not exactly sure yet what we’re gonna do with all the games, but if you want one, motivate why you should have it in the comments and maybe you’ll get your very own retail copy of Bob Kam In Teilen!

This is a very happy moment at the Ludosity offices! =)

Ludosity + Remar Games = true

As some of you might know, Ludosity Interactive has teamed up with Daniel Remar of Iji and Hero Core fame, to bring Garden Gnome Carnage to new platforms, starting with Flash.

Me and Daniel go back since we first met at uni 4-5 years ago, and we have worked on several games together. We entered Yoyo-Games winter competition with Garden Gnome Carnage and won 2’nd place! (Beaten by Frozzd by Jesse, who I later made Shoot Stop Lollipop with)

Now we have brought Daniel into our offices to build GGC for flash and it’s already progressed really well! Hopefully we’ll have some vids for you up soon. It’s super fun to work on these fun, small titles, and we hope that it’ll hit the interwebs very soon and blow your minds =)

Stay tuned!


Bob turns one and a half!

Not only has Bob turned 6 months, but he’s also very close to version 1.5!

We’re wrapping on the next free DLC now, and everything is moving along quite nicely. With four brand new VR Missions and a new, fun Sandbox level, Bob Came In Pieces has now a total of 25 levels, easily clocking in well over 5 hours even for the experienced player, and more likely 10 hours to play the game from beginning to end.

Also new is the long awaited Gamepad support! We now have official support for Xbox 360 Controller, and any old gamepad should work really.

Stay tuned for more info!