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Shoot Stop Lollipop

Sorry about that, internal joke, etc. Anyways, at the last Global Game Jam, I was in Copenhagen and met all the wonderful indies, drank beer, had a fantastic time, and made a game. I teamed up with the extremely talented Jesse Venbrux, and we concocted ‘Shoot Stop Lollipop’, a game originally called ‘Puzzles, Time and Explosions’, which is a game about puzzles, time and explosions, where you shoot blocks and stop time to get to the lollipop. It’s all very logical.

The game have been dusting on our harddrives for too long now, so we’ve finally put up a page for it over the weekend, check it out! It’s like a live beta, so it will be continually upgraded and fine tuned, so please give feedback!

Play ‘Shoot Stop Lollipop’ now! (browser game)

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3 thoughts on "Shoot Stop Lollipop"

  1. reallyjoel says:

    You should concider putting Max on WiiWare! Wait…

  2. Lasse says:

    I love this game! I could not stop playing till I had beaten all levels. You should consider putting this on the iPhone.


  3. reallyjoel says:

    The game has now been updated with new levels! Much moar beter.

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