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Shoot Stop Lollipop

Good morning game lovers!

Shoot Stop Lollipop

Sorry about that, internal joke, etc. Anyways, at the last Global Game Jam, I was in Copenhagen and met all the wonderful indies, drank beer, had a fantastic time, and made a game. I teamed up with the extremely talented Jesse Venbrux, and we concocted ‘Shoot Stop Lollipop’, a game originally called ‘Puzzles, Time and Explosions’, which is a game about puzzles, time and explosions, where you shoot blocks and stop time to get to the lollipop. It’s all very logical.

The game have been dusting on our harddrives for too long now, so we’ve finally put up a page for it over the weekend, check it out! It’s like a live beta, so it will be continually upgraded and fine tuned, so please give feedback!

Play ‘Shoot Stop Lollipop’ now! (browser game)

New Levels for Bob Came in Pieces! (press release)


Swedish game company Ludosity Interactive will release Bob Came in Pieces v.1.4 later in April for Windows and Mac. The new patch comes with six brand new levels, GUI updates, new graphical theme and bug fixes. Bob Came in Pieces is a puzzle adventure game about the alien Bob who has crash landed on a strange planet. Find the lost parts and rebuild your ship along the way to solve challenging puzzles. Bob Came in Pieces is available through the major digital platforms for 9,99USD.

Skövde, Sweden – April 14th. Indie game company Ludosity Interactive, the creators of Bob Came in Pieces for PC and Mac announces today that they will release additional levels for free with the upcoming patch later in April. The additional levels are created in the brand new VR-Theme inspired by Metal Gear Solid.

“We have listened to the people and with this free patch we are adding six more levels and creating a better experience for everybody. In the new levels you will play Bob Came in Pieces in ways you didn’t think was possible before” says Björn Öjlert, level designer at Ludosity Interactive.

The new patch consists of:

Six new additional levels (a total of 20 levels)

New graphical theme


Bug fixes

The new patch for Bob Came in Pieces will be available at and the Steam users will get it automatically once it is out.

Follow Ludosity on twitter and get the latest updates:

For more information please contact:
Daniel Kaplan, CEO
+46733 29 72 38

About Bob Came in Pieces

Bob Came in Pieces was released 21st of January and is available for Windows and Mac for 9,99USD through the major digital download platforms. Bob Came in Pieces is a 2.5D puzzle adventure game with a lot of great puzzles and rebuilding capabilities of your flying ship. The game has unique rebuilding possibilities where you collect ship parts and modules throughout the whimsical levels.

About Ludosity Interactive

Ludosity Interactive is an independent developer of computer and videogames for multiple platforms. The company was founded in 2008 and believes in creating games with focus on the core game mechanics, creating games that will last longer. Ludosity Interactive is a licensed developer of the major platforms. For more information please visit