I know we haven’t said so much about us, the actual people behind Ludosity Interactive and Bob Came in Pieces. So this is the beginning of a series of blog posts from the developers (and hopefully the others will follow) so let’s start!

So..Hi gamer!

My name is Daniel Kaplan and I’m currently running the office here at Ludosity. I was born and raised in Skövde (this is also where the office is situated), a small town in between the two big lakes in Sweden.

I have played games my whole life and my first memories from games comes from Super Mario Bros 2 and the NES. I remember playing the game day and night and actually wanted to be Lugi because he had weird feet movement when jumping which I found to be hilarious at that time. And so it continued. My mother has later told me that I said at the age of 5 that I wanted to work for Nintendo and create games. Ludosity is not Nintendo, but I have had great fun here at Ludosity! (If you see this Nintendo, please contact me). Anyhow, one of my favorite games are TetrisDS and Street Fighter 4. I have played a lot of TetrisDS and it is just a crazy game! The best part is when you have played it for a couple of minutes and you just feel that you are in a flow and everything just happens by automagic. Can you bet me? I have played to level 167 in TetrisDS.

At Upper Secondary School I studied at the Natural Science Programme and it was all about maths, physics and chemistry so I thought that programming would be my thing! But later on I found out that I wanted to try something completely new. So my actual creating-games-experience didn’t start until my time at the University of Skövde. I studied to become a 3D artist. It turned out that I liked animation and my bachelor thesis was all about analyzing animation. At the University I have had the chance to work with/get to know a lot of cool guys and some of them are Erik Svedäng (Blueberry Garden), Daniel Remar (Iji), Ola Holmdahl (Battlefield 1942), Mårten Brüggemann (Fret Nice) and Emil Berner (also Fret Nice).

Prior to starting up Ludosity I have worked on games such as Flipside of the Divne (created with Erik and Björn) and Det Goda Livet. Small projects that got quite some media attention after their initial release. Flipside of the Divine won a big game dev competition in Sweden. I also did some freelance work for a design company called Nooka.

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4 thoughts on "About Me"

  1. GGreenBass says:

    Hey man, glad to hear you’re working on Minecraft and such. TETRISDS FTFW XD I’m sorry I just had to post this message just to tell you I have of recent been equally addicted, clearing well over 999 lines (it stopped counting there >_<), but no idea what level it was.

    Anyways, I'm really happy that you'll be giving Notch a lot of aid in his excellent piece, and seeing what you've helped put into this world is awesome. As a host for both a Classic and an Alpha Minecraft server (although not both at the same time), I just want to personally welcome you to the scene and wish you a good time ^^

  2. Kane Hart says:

    Congrats on your new position. I look forward talking to you about the future of Minecraft. I have taken the time to write up a small email and sent it to you.

    I think the Minecraft community will be really happy to have you on the team.

    Please take the time and post on the Minecraft forums and consider posting and replying to things like major bugs people scream at and even just saying we know about this were working on it or we have this on our priority list will make people scream for joy.

    I really hope someday Minecraft is one of the biggest most fun RPG/Sandbox creation game on the market and I mean Sims big.

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