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The Future is Virtual

Hello gamers!

I am one of the game designers behind Bob and I want to talk to you about the future. So gather around, turn on some mood music and open a cold drink…

First some history: Bob 1.3 was all about bug fixes. The idea was to fix all the bugs reported to us so that everyone finally can enjoy the whole game without getting stuck somewhere.

With the bugs fixed the time has finally come to add new content to the game. One of the most frequent requests have been for more levels so this is what we primarily want to address in Bob 1.4.

The plan is to add something called “VR-levels”. These are basically custom levels separate from the main adventure in a brand new art style. Some of them will allow you to use the parts you’ve collected in the main adventure while others will give you a predefined set of parts. The predefined feature allows us to create more interesting puzzles as we don’t have to worry about what parts the player may have collected through the adventure. In short, this means more levels with more interesting puzzles for you! (You may want to take a celebratory sip from you drink here.)

Players have primarily been requesting more advanced puzzles and race levels but we also want to provide you with crazy levels that push the game-mechanics to the limit. There will for instance be a level where you don’t have any rockets, forcing you to rethink tractor-beams and one where Bob goes snowboarding…

Some screen shots of the levels we are currently working on:

Bob patched to 1.3!

The 1.3 patch of Bob Came In Pieces is now live on our website and Steam. Other portals should follow promptly.

Download here (for PC):
Bob Patch 1.0 – 1.1
Bob Patch 1.1 – 1.3

The Mac version is already at v1.3.

Here’s the changlelog:

* Keyboard shortcuts added to all Menus
– Save Location for ships and profiles moved to new directory to prepare for coming features
– Fixed a rare issue in the Steam version where some players would get stuck in the Main Menu
– Prettier landscape and increased performance in the Main Menu
– Fixed an issue with textures when switching to desktop
– Wind areas should now work better at low FPS
– Countless small bugfixes
– Level 4 – The player now start on-top of a ship builder
– Level 4 – The background has been made darker
– Level 6 – Some grass moved to improve visibilty in the seesaw puzzle
– Level 7 – Performace no longer drops when the burnable in the last puzzle has been destroyed
– Level 8 – The last puzzle have been compleatly redesigned. The new puzzle should be more stable and easier to understand
– Level 10 – Moved the large wind area slightly up to prevent leakage into the corridor below
– Level 11 – The “5kg puzzle” is now less likely to fail
– Level 11 – Improved stability of the “Wind Cannon” puzzle
– Level 11 – The portal gate has been made more stable
– Level 12 – Fixed an exploit in the last puzzle
– Level 13 – Some graphical objects added to make some puzzles easier to understand

– Repaired the last puzzle on Chapter 8
– Made windpuzzle on Chapter 10 clearer
– Fixed a benign bug in Save As dialog

Bob Came in Pieces Now on Mac!

Press Release. For immediate release etc..

The critically acclaimed Bob Came in Pieces will be released on OS X on the 17th of March. Ludosity Interactive continues the success with Bob came in Pieces on Mac and are very proud to release the game on a new platform.

Bob Came in Pieces is a physics based puzzle adventure game created by the Swedish indie game company Ludosity Interactive. Bob Came in Pieces has previously been released for the PC on the digital platform Steam.

The game is about the alien called Bob. He has crashed on a strange planet, lost a bunch of parts for his ship and above all, is late for work!

The game features a lot of challenges. Find the lost parts and rebuild your ship along the way to solve challenging, physics-based puzzles. You can build your ship any way you like in the ship builder – try to find the coolest ship-design for the puzzle at hand!

  • Rebuild your ship any way You like.
  • Find the lost parts and tools for Your ship – You’ll need them to solve puzzles!
  • 14 Chapters of solid level design and clever puzzles
  • Many hours of replayability, with secrets, Achievements, Leaderboards and more.

Bob Came in Pieces for PC was released in January the 21st and now is coming for the Mac.
“We are very proud that we have completed Bob Came in Pieces for the Mac and we hope the Mac users will enjoy playing the game as much as we have had creating it.” says CEO Daniel Kaplan.

Click here to download demo and purchase Bob Came in Pieces for Mac

About Ludosity

Ludosity Interactive is an independent developer of computer and videogames for multiple platforms. The company was founded in 2008 and believes in creating games with focus on the core game mechanics, creating games that will last longer. Ludosity Interactive is a licensed developer of the major platforms

About Me

I know we haven’t said so much about us, the actual people behind Ludosity Interactive and Bob Came in Pieces. So this is the beginning of a series of blog posts from the developers (and hopefully the others will follow) so let’s start!

So..Hi gamer!

My name is Daniel Kaplan and I’m currently running the office here at Ludosity. I was born and raised in Skövde (this is also where the office is situated), a small town in between the two big lakes in Sweden.

I have played games my whole life and my first memories from games comes from Super Mario Bros 2 and the NES. I remember playing the game day and night and actually wanted to be Lugi because he had weird feet movement when jumping which I found to be hilarious at that time. And so it continued. My mother has later told me that I said at the age of 5 that I wanted to work for Nintendo and create games. Ludosity is not Nintendo, but I have had great fun here at Ludosity! (If you see this Nintendo, please contact me). Anyhow, one of my favorite games are TetrisDS and Street Fighter 4. I have played a lot of TetrisDS and it is just a crazy game! The best part is when you have played it for a couple of minutes and you just feel that you are in a flow and everything just happens by automagic. Can you bet me? I have played to level 167 in TetrisDS.

At Upper Secondary School I studied at the Natural Science Programme and it was all about maths, physics and chemistry so I thought that programming would be my thing! But later on I found out that I wanted to try something completely new. So my actual creating-games-experience didn’t start until my time at the University of Skövde. I studied to become a 3D artist. It turned out that I liked animation and my bachelor thesis was all about analyzing animation. At the University I have had the chance to work with/get to know a lot of cool guys and some of them are Erik Svedäng (Blueberry Garden), Daniel Remar (Iji), Ola Holmdahl (Battlefield 1942), Mårten Brüggemann (Fret Nice) and Emil Berner (also Fret Nice).

Prior to starting up Ludosity I have worked on games such as Flipside of the Divne (created with Erik and Björn) and Det Goda Livet. Small projects that got quite some media attention after their initial release. Flipside of the Divine won a big game dev competition in Sweden. I also did some freelance work for a design company called Nooka.

Congratulations Mac User!

Yes it is true! Bob Came in Pieces on Mac!

We have been testing out Bob Came in Pieces and it is coming along fine! We will release the Mac-version of Bob Came in Pieces in about one week! So hold your horses (and dollars) for a little while.

And for you PC guys and girls all over the world, we have something for you too: A patch! The patch will be released soon too! Changelog will be released here too.

And one last thing. Our friend Jonatan “Cactus” Söderström won the IGF Nuovo award for his game Tuning. Congratulations Jonatan!

Indie Pack on Steam – Crazy Sale!

Do I need to say more?

For only 9,99USD you can get this great game pack of games and Bob Came in Pieces is in it for you to enjoy! Head over to Steam for the deal of the week!

So Now What?

We are currently working on some new projects that we can’t tell you so much about. When the time has come we will publish it for all you guys. But earlier I wrote about Global Game Jam and I can say that it was really fun! I had a blast reviewing the games here in Skövde and Joel said to me that he had a great time at the Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen. Hopefully we can publish Joels and his friends game soon when it is more ready.

And for you guys who havn’t seen the Bytejacker show for a time now, let’s watch it! (Yes, we are innit :))