New screens of Project MIFO :)

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Nice to see some progress, but as you urge us to give crits you got it:
It’s easy to tell that simplicity and readability of the environment has been key and you have succeeded in that regard, but it would be nice to see a bit more detail. There’s alot of straight lines in the terrain but also on manbuilt stuff. skew things, add edge loops to get more / and \ angles in there (don’t go overboard though) keep the basic shapes but add subtleties

Not sure what the system specs for this title is but you got alot of jaggies in there. no AA in the engine?

The grass texture and the grass asset (assuming plane with alpha) could use better blending. There are strong contrasts between these assets and it stands out quite a bit. Do you have Vertex colors in the engine? If so you could make it blend both to the grass and the dirt, otherwise you’d have to do it in the texture.

It would be nice to have some actual lighting in there because it all looks like different shades of ambient lighting at the moment. Might take some tweaking to get it not take away from the readability of the levels but I think it’d would take it to the next step in visuals (LEVEL UP!)

In closing, Nice work guys. Keep it coming! =D


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